COVID-19 update

Our practice is now taking calls to book appointments for low-risk procedures. Examples of this include consultations, check-ups, temporary fillings, hand scaling, extractions and dentures. We are unable to provide high-risk procedures that produce an aerosol at the moment, examples of this include permanent fillings, ultrasonic scaling, and cementing crowns. We hope to be able to provide these soon and will keep you updated.

In order to comply with social distancing and government guidelines to keep you and our staff safe, the procedure for attending an appointment is now very different. Here are some aspects of which you should be aware:

·       Please don’t attend the practice unless you have an appointment booked;

·       When booking the appointment you will receive a Covid-19 screening questionnaire;

·       Payment will usually be taken over the phone the day before the appointment;

·       Please attend alone. If you need to attend as a carer or parent, you will also need to undergo screening and follow social distancing guideline in the practice;

·       Please ensure you use the toilet, wash your hands and clean your teeth before arriving. Toilet facilities aren’t available;

·       Please wear a mask. We can provide one for you on arrival if you don’t have one of your own;

·       Please don’t bring anything other than essential items with you;

·       Arrive at the practice at the appointment time. We are unable to let you in earlier as the waiting room is out of use. If you are late you may forfeit the appointment due to strict diary management;

·       You will be let into the practice at the appointment time and received a further Covid-19 screening;

·       Hand sanitiser and masks need to be used at this time;

·       All staff will be wearing PPE, and observing social distancing. We are still the same friendly faces beneath it though;

·       You will be directed to the treatment room where we ask that you place any belongings into a container in the room;

·       The dentist and nurse will be wearing appropriate PPE;

·       Once in the dental chair, you may remove your mask;

·       Social interaction will be minimal to minimise your time in the practice and thus keep all concerned as safe as possible;

·       On completion of the appointment, you will be directed to leave the building;

·       Any payments outstanding at this time will be taken using card payments and respecting social distancing guidelines.

These procedures will be discussed with you with our receptionist prior to the appointment. We all hope these measures aren’t permanent, and we can soon return to providing the service we pride ourselves upon. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

With best wishes

The Team at Ocean Dentalcare